Lumiere – Casino and Entertainment Events specializes in organizing events in the gambling industry. We are professional event organizers for both land-based and online casinos, as well as hosting various festivals in Ottawa, Ontario, and Canada in general.

In the process of creating and developing an event, we do the following types of work:

Planning the event itself: We determine the target audience, time, and location of the event. We provide a cost estimate.

Attracting partners: We involve partners on barter or commercial basis, in order to scale the event.

Speakers welcome: The gambling industry is rich with its speakers. They include professional players, casino owners, and general managers of gambling establishments, and, of course, bloggers, journalists who not only share their experiences but also highlight our events on social media.

Shaping the programme: Determine the structure of the programme, and the order of speakers. Group the presentations by topic, and stream them in parallel.

Gathering participants: Use all available channels to promote the event, as well as contextual advertising and targeting.

Checking the technical equipment: It is very important that lights and sound do not fail during the event, which is why technicians keep a close eye on all equipment.

Branding the event: We develop a corporate identity for each event and brand the venue to ensure a cohesive feel.