What is gambling? One of the great entertainment. A game of chance and skills in which people bet money or something of value, and where anyone can increase winning chances by means of strategies. The nature of games of chance is such that each event is unique and independent, such as bingo, roulette, lottery, or blackjack.

Lumiere is a Casino and Entertainment Events community that organizes various gambling and gaming events, including summits and conferences. Our organization provides the opportunity to take part in events, where everyone can get acquainted with the speakers of the world-famous names, as well as bloggers and journalists. Find out the latest news and discoveries in the gambling industry. 

Type of Events

Lumiere – Casino and Entertainment Events hosts a number of events, among them:


A gambling conference is an event whose purpose is to discuss a specific subject or theme. It exists to circulate information, debate, or bring out new ideas. The conference may involve several speakers who are experts on the subject. The event can be held over a single day or over several days. The theme may be the same each day or vary slightly in the latter case. 


This type of event is quite similar to a conference. The major difference is that congress has an international dimension. It often brings together experts or personalities from several countries of the world to discuss a question or a theme. 


The seminar is a working meeting that is quite similar to the conference. However, it is organized for teaching purposes, often within the company and in a smaller group. Generally, the seminar takes place outside the workplace for a day or more. 

Product launch 

The product launch is an internal event to promote a new product or service. This type of event is very popular with large groups, particularly in the gambling sector. It is supposed to attract a lot of journalists so that the information is relayed to the maximum. The product launch often takes place in the evening and in an exceptional location. Communication is a key element in the success of this type of event.

Lumiere – Casino and Entertainment Events History

Our organization was established in 2020 with the aim of hosting events and activities in the casino and gambling industry. Our aim is to showcase and open up to the masses all the delights, peculiarities, and uniqueness of the development and functioning of the gambling industry.