Every year audiences are wowed by the performances at Lumière! With acrobats, fire weavers, musicians and more, you’re sure to be amazed.

If you would like to perform at this year’s festival, please get in touch at:

Performance Schedule

5:00-6:00  Indigenous Drumming   

6:00-7:00 Ottawa Stilt Union      

6:00-7:00  Meet Princess Rapunzel

7:30-8:30 Tine Rufaro Marimba Band 

8:30-9:30 Aerial Antics

9:30-10:00 Fire Weavers

Fire Weavers


Set to a vibrant fusion of electronic and world beat music, the Ottawa Fire Weavers is a beautiful, feminine show unlike any other. She weaves illuminated patterns of fire in a breathtaking performance of dance with fire poi , fire hula hoops, fire fingers and fire head piece. The hypnotic effect of skillfully manipulated fire creates an original and mesmerizing form of dance. The Fire Weavers have refined their show over many years. Her technical skill and artistic presentation makes her a crowd favourite both on stage and on the streets.

Tine Rufaro Marimba Band

Pop Quiz! marimba is:
a) a deep-toned xylophone of African origin
b) a traditional Zulu dance from South Africa
c) a quartet for two voices, a bongo drum and a kora
Show up to find out.

Aerial Antics

Glowing aerial hoop, hula hooping and poi spinning.

Ottawa Stilt Union 

You are surely in for a show with the Ottawa Stilt Union. This interactive acrobatic performance will definitely be a highlight. 

Indigenous Drumming 

Join us in celebration of Indigenous culture with this drumming duo. 

Meet Princess Rapunzel

Fill your child’s imagination and bring fairytales to life with a visit from Rapunzel. Join her as she sings  “I see the light” or come create your very own lantern with her in the lantern making workshop. 

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